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Name:Free Space: Really, No Pressure.
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Hello, and welcome to [community profile] free_space! The point of this comm isn't to keep track of or even promote deadline-type bingo comms. Nothing will be assigned to you, and you will not need to "claim" a card when a challenge shows up. However, if you're a pentaphile, enjoy gratuitous challenges, or you just can't get enough bingo in your life, we are possibly the comm for you. In fact, feel free to post your own challenges, so long as you follow a few simple guidelines:

1. You cannot set deadlines. Please allow folks to set their own. ♥
2. You cannot assign cards. This is more of a grab bag thing to go along with the "no pressure" theme.
3. You keep it respectful. Notice I do not say "gen" or "vanilla." All ratings and all subjects are fine; just try to keep in mind that intent and perception are two different things. Mod(s) reserve the right to delete any post that wanders over the line on this.

For an example of a quick-and-dirty grab bag bingo, see this post for "Extreme Bingo."

You're welcome to post your results here if you like as well; please tag bingos accordingly and note that as far as medium, anything goes.

Questions? Drop a line here!
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